Paul and Claudia Wedding

Beautiful wedding in December! Was so much fun taking photos of these two!

Brialee and Spencer Wedding 2-03-18

Another beautiful couple married this past weekend.


Max and Sarah Neser Wedding 1-12-18

Zachary and Chandler Wedding December 30th 2017

Had a blast shooting a wedding for Zachary and Chandler Whitby wedding at the Meridian Idaho Temple.  Check out some of the higlilghts


We’ve Come So Far

Celebrating 19 years of marriage with my wife.  I took our old wedding video and did some new editing with new music.  I loved the song because its seems like we have come so far in life, like many of us.  We go through life and have our ups and downs but we should always remember where we have been and look forward to the future with our family and those we love around us.  I can’t remember who was taking the video, I think a bunch of different people but so glad it was captured!

Sam and Gabby Proposal Video

Fun proposal video I did for Sam and Gabby.  This video was featured on, I used three cameras for this shoot.  My Sony A7sii, my A7rii, and my A6300.  The lighting was fun, and I think it turned out pretty good.  Glad to be able to capture it for this wonderful couple.

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