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This video is a project that I feel needs more light on it.  A year ago, I wouldn’t be that vested in it.  It just seems like we have many teens take their lives all to often especially in my oldest sons high schoo here in Meridian Idaho, Mountain View High.   One of my really good friends took his life this year also, and that was a hard one to hear because we were no longer speaking to each other and I felt I should have made more attempts to help him out.  I hope we can all learn just a little bit more about this huge problem and see what we can do to bring more awareness.  Or let our children know they are not a lone and our friends.  especially those who have isolated themselves.  Go after those that “don’t deserve your love, or time” those are usually the ones in a dark place.  I am going to try and suppress my pride and talk to more people around me and be kind.  I think if we all made a little bit more of an attempt we could do great things.  Help those around us to Hold On! we still need them!