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February 1st is known for being the National Signing day for perspective collegiate athletes.  They sign their letters of intent with all their parents, friends, coaches and media.  Its a great day commemorating the athletes and their journey that why have worked so hard for.  Also it’s a great day for the parents and coaches who are there and have been there with them on their on this track for many years. It’s a great day of celebration for the hard work and the intense effort these boys have put forth.  (I know, I have seen the tape!.. um I created the tape.. ha haha)  Even though we had many football players committing today, there is also a few more that will be signing letters soon as they decide or get offers.  For today, here are the boys from the 2016 Mtn View  5A Idaho State championship football team.  Horns Up!

  • Tucker Rovig- Montana State University
  • Josh Elsberry- College of Idaho
  • Cordell Shelton- Rocky Mountain College
  • Carter Ballenger- College of Idaho
  • Keenan Pattwell- College of Idaho

Like I said earlier, there are more that will be signing soon, and soon as they do I will update this list.  Great job boy!

Check out the online gallery from the event, click here!