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Raymond Erickson (a young Brian Urlacher) Featured on Sports Clipz TV Youth Sports YouTube Channel.

Raymond, my son is an awesome kid, some of you know that already.  A lot of you wonder how could such a nice kid come from someone like me?  ha ha, well, luckily there is another person involved in the equation, and that is my wife.  Rachael is an extraordinary person in my opinion, and all the good positive stuff got handed down to Raymond.  He is cool kid off the field, and a total beast on the field.  Some have questioned how he can make that work, and even questioned if he is really that nice.  Well, he is the real deal, and I am blessed to be his dad.

He has got a lot of attention from his hard nosed football play, often been compared to a young Brian Urlacher.  He isn’t the fastest on the field, the biggest, or even the strongest, but he has the most heart. He plays full throttle, and he goes in with reckless abandonment.  Some of you have seen him play, and you see that he has no fear when he goes up against the biggest kids on the field. Sports Clipz TV (Instagram) reached out to me on YouTube channel asking to feature him on their channel.  I agreed, and they took the last two years highlights from my channel and did their own edit.  Their channel is pretty well known mostly in football country in the south.  They have lots of great videos of youth fenoms coming up, and they get tons of views.  Raymond has already received lots of attention with both of his last two highlights combined almost reaching a total of 860,000 views! from my own channel.  I liked their edit, and was fun to see them mash up the clips to their own liking,  Please enjoy!

Owen Erickson Football highlights for the 2016 season. Owen is in his Freshman year (second year because he played rookie season last year)  He is OL/DL  and likes to push people around on the field.  Check him out1

Every year, I try to make a football highlight of my boys for their season and memories.  I love filming them, and being a part of there sports.  I see so many lessons learned when they are involved in sports and especially football because we love the sport.  Raymond is a bright star, great kid and he is a beast on the field.  Check him out doing his work.