Sports 208


Sports 208 is my Sports Highlights and Filming Services

  • Filming Games
    Need a sporting event filmed? I use high quality cameras and equipment to capture the best moments.  Prices ranges depending the length of the game or match.
  • Highlights
    Need a highlight for recruiting purposes, or just memories?  Let me edit a nice film for you. I can use my video footage, or you can send me your game film and let me do it for you.  Pricing is complicated, but there are many options. Send me a message and let me know what you want and I will get you a estimate.
  • Instagram Video
    Do you need to show off your skills and post at 1 mins video to instagram?  We can create a 1 minute square clip for you.  Text me the clips, email, dropbox, google drive etc and send them over and I will create a nice little reel for instagram.

    1. 1 minute video
    2. Square aspect ration to fit instagram
    3. non copyrighted music
    4. annoations pointing you out using arrow or circle