Stark Wedding

Fun photo shoot at the Boise temple with this lovely couple.  It was a super cold day, so we had to work fast.  They were total troopers!

Project description

these photos were at the Boise Temple, and it was super cold out.  I did some of the photos with OCF, using my Godox Ad200 with a Manfrotto light stand and remote.  I used two cameras, both Lumix full frame beasts!  The S1R and S1 with the 24-105F4 and the Pana/Leica 50mm F1.4 beast.  Both great lens.  I tried to keep it simple, some of the shots, I wish I would have used my 35mm F1.2 Sigma, but I decided the flexibility of the 24-105 was better for how much time we had.