Katy Head Shots

Katy needed some new updated head shots for her business marketing and she cuts my hair so of course I’m going to help her!

Project description

Katy wanted some new updated head shots for business cards and marketing purposes.  I had her come into my office where I set up my little studio for they day.  I have a back drop stand with various colors.  I have black, gray, white, and a crazy white black and gray pattern.  We did a couple different looks, but ultimately loved the white back ground. I had my Sony A7rii with Zeiss 55mm F1.8 on my Manfrotto tripod.  I also had my Small HD 701 monitor on top so she could see her framing.  I used my Vello free wave remote and snapped away!  They turned out nice and she was happy.  Good job Katy