Garry’s Automotive Promotional Video

A new video I just created for Garry’s Automotive, a local car repair shop. Very nice people, I’m friends with one of the owners, their boy plays football at Mountain View High school.  This was a fun project, I used my Phantom 4 Pro Drone, and my Panasonic GH5, and I did a slider shot with my edelkrone slider in time-lapse mode.  Please enjoy!

UA Local 296 Promotional Video

Fun project I helped out with a couple friends at the UA Local 296.  They wanted to give a quick look at what a career with their organization looks like.  I was able to follow them around for a couple days in the school, and out in the work force to capture the apprentices, and journeyman in their element .  I think the video turned out great, lots of cool stuff going on.  For many people this is a awesome career path if they don’t want to go spend thousands at college and get out with a lot of debt and no job.  Check out their website at to learn more.