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Some clips from indoor lax practice shot at 120 fps and slowed down to 24 fps.

    Little night hyper lapse on my way back from Pharmacy. Suction cupped my Sony RX100v to my sun roof and did night scene time lapse then started raining.. music: Full Thundershot

I love taking photos! this is one of my favorite parts of the marketing process in selling new homes.  I love taking something that is beautiful and making it easy for the world to see.  I am aware that the beauty is already there, but I add my perspective, and how I view it.  When shooting […]

Boys having fun at Fast lane!  

At #fastlane and Raymond got the pink helmet and he still was rocking it! @ray.m.erickson

@ray.m.erickson and @c.brown34 celebrating after a good #lacrosse play

Coach asked the Mavericks during workouts which team they choose to win the Super Bowl, so each boy had to choose a side.  I took video so we know who picked what side because the first day back at workouts, the loosers have to do a bunch of extra workouts while the winners get to […]

Congratulations to these boys on signing their letters of intent today. @trovig12 @kpatty_21 @ballenger77 @_cordellshelton_ @josh_elsberry click my link in the bio to see the latest blog post with their photos and a link to the online gallery. #footballscholarship #nationalsigningday #mountainviewfootball

February 1st is known for being the National Signing day for perspective collegiate athletes.  They sign their letters of intent with all their parents, friends, coaches and media.  Its a great day commemorating the athletes and their journey that why have worked so hard for.  Also it’s a great day for the parents and coaches who […]

My first born is growing at a pace that I’m not comfortable with. It’s very rare that I get to take a photo of him especially when his is smiling.