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Sweet Caroline!  Great game, great competition!  Rocky has been the toughest contender (within conference play) this year.  Great job boys, please enjoy the highlights.  I love when the boys are warming up for the games and I hear a little Neal Diamond playing and they sing along “Sweet Caroline”.  Close game, but Mavs pulled away […]

Mountain View Lacrosse vs Timberline Timber Wolves The first meeting of these to power house teams since last years championship game.  Remember last years game? Timberline took the Mavericks to the woodshed. The Wolves totally dominated the Mavericks most of the game.  Well, here we are, and Timberline with an all new cast, loosing most of their […]

Last game of the weekend tournament here in Treasure Valley for the Mavericks .  Mtn View vs Park City Miners Varsity Lacrosse.  Was a great game for the Mavericks, lots of awesome plays.  The team is working so well together, it is truly so fun to watch.  Cade Brown, #16 the goalie had an awesome […]

First game of two for Saturday play for the Mtn View Mavericks Lacrosse team meeting on Meridian High School field with Union Lacrosse Club from Washington State.  Union was the D2 Champions last year in Washington.  I’m pretty sure their goalie is a super hero, not sure how may total saves he had, but it […]

Mountain view matched up against Coronado High School from Henderson Nevada in Green Valley area.  The Cougars are 5-2 in game play, and showed the Mavs how good they were and the Mavs came up short.  Final Score was 12-10 Cougars.  Check out some of Maverick Highlights from the game!

Another highlight of the Mountain View Mavericks Lacrosse team vs the Centennial Patriots.  I was really hoping for a good match up between these two teams but the Mavericks just manhandled the Patriots.  It was never close at any time during the game, yes, the Patriots had two goals putting in a little showcase on offense but […]

I guess you would call this the season opener, Mtn View D1 vs Skyview D2 lacrosse game on the Hawks field this past Wednesday night.  First of all I want to apologize for this highlight to all the defenders, who did amazing allowing no points.  Yes, it was 25-0!  This highlight is all the goals […]

Raymond Erickson (a young Brian Urlacher) Featured on Sports Clipz TV Youth Sports YouTube Channel. Raymond, my son is an awesome kid, some of you know that already.  A lot of you wonder how could such a nice kid come from someone like me?  ha ha, well, luckily there is another person involved in the equation, […]

Fun weekend of lacrosse at the Gem state Jamboree.  I combined two games into one on the highlight reel.  Used my 12′ pole and Canon XA 30 to film in 1080p 60 fps.