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Last game of the regular season for the Mountain View Mavericks at Bishop Kelly.  Here are a few highlight clips from the match.  Please enjoy!

Great night for the 7 seniors on the Mountain View Mavericks Lacrosse team.  Check out this short video showing some of the clips from the night.  Also, some awesome drone footage before the game started.  Eagle made them work hard for this victory, pushing the Mavs into the 4th quarter and then finally getting some […]

Mavs and the Grizz face off at Brighton stadium for their second time this season.  It was a battle, just like the last one close the entire game until the last quarter and the Mavs started to pull away.  Here are some clips from the game, sorry I didn’t do any music or annotations or […]

Fun project I helped out with a couple friends at the UA Local 296.  They wanted to give a quick look at what a career with their organization looks like.  I was able to follow them around for a couple days in the school, and out in the work force to capture the apprentices, and […]

Game two with the Bosie Braves on the Mavericks Home turf.  It was a beautiful day!  Please enjoy the highlights!  to view photo gallery, please click here:

Second game with the Timberline Wolves on their court this time.  Timberline came out with more energy, but wasn’t enough to stop the Mavericks from cruising to victory.  Check out the highlights for yourself and pardon the wind!  it was hard to hold the video pole steady.

Mavericks Shut out the Patriots!  Amazing Defense! didn’t allow one goal.  Great job Mavs!  Check out the highlights, we had a 3 d-pole gentleman run down and score goals too!  Such an exciting year for the Mountain View Mavericks.  Please Enjoy the Highlights!  Sorry the video is a little wobbly, the wind was so bad […]

A couple of great teams coming together to play an awesome game of Lacrosse!   Back in 2011 I filmed my first lacrosse game, the two teams were BK and Centennial for the TVLL championships . I created a highlight video featured on Lacrosse Allstars.  I love being involved filming, especially watching my own kids play. Mavs vs […]

A good start to the week for the Mountain View Mavericks Lacrosse team.  Boise Braves hosted the Mavs at Hillside Jr high this past Wednesday.  There was a break in the rain, and both teams played in sunshine that evening.  The field was very interesting, when I arrived I could tell there was a rise […]