A new video I just created for Garry’s Automotive, a local car repair shop. Very nice people, I’m friends with one of the owners, their boy plays football at Mountain View High school.  This was a fun project, I used my Phantom 4 Pro Drone, and my Panasonic GH5, and I did a slider shot with my edelkrone slider in time-lapse mode.  Please enjoy!

Little vlog of the weekend up in Donnelly at Lake Cascade!  Boys love this time of the year because school is almost over and the weather is so nice.  I did a ton of drone footage with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro up here, so defeinely check out the views if you can get past the cheesy commentary that I give hahaha.  Please enjoy!

Mountain View Mavericks Lacrosse Highlights vs Timberline 5-17-17  in the Semifinals!  Mountain View on to State!

Raymond and I had a great time in Oregon for the Sali Lacrosse Tournament in Sisters Oregon.  These are just some random clips I saved for memories of the event. We had a good time!  Here is a playlist link to all the games 

Last game of the regular season for the Mountain View Mavericks at Bishop Kelly.  Here are a few highlight clips from the match.  Please enjoy!

Great night for the 7 seniors on the Mountain View Mavericks Lacrosse team.  Check out this short video showing some of the clips from the night.  Also, some awesome drone footage before the game started.  Eagle made them work hard for this victory, pushing the Mavs into the 4th quarter and then finally getting some separation a few more scores.  Great job Mavericks!

Mavs and the Grizz face off at Brighton stadium for their second time this season.  It was a battle, just like the last one close the entire game until the last quarter and the Mavs started to pull away.  Here are some clips from the game, sorry I didn’t do any music or annotations or slo mo, I am so busy! had to crank this one out quick and move to the next one.  Please enjoy!

Fun project I helped out with a couple friends at the UA Local 296.  They wanted to give a quick look at what a career with their organization looks like.  I was able to follow them around for a couple days in the school, and out in the work force to capture the apprentices, and journeyman in their element .  I think the video turned out great, lots of cool stuff going on.  For many people this is a awesome career path if they don’t want to go spend thousands at college and get out with a lot of debt and no job.  Check out their website at ualocal296.org to learn more.