Mavericks Lacrosse Dominate Skyview Hawks


I guess you would call this the season opener, Mtn View D1 vs Skyview D2 lacrosse game on the Hawks field this past Wednesday night.  First of all I want to apologize for this highlight to all the defenders, who did amazing allowing no points.  Yes, it was 25-0!  This highlight is all the goals scored, yes 25 of them, and no defense. I love defense, but there wasn’t much of a challenge on both sides.  So once again, sorry to the defenders! It got so bad that towards the end, instead of teammates giving the guy, who scored, a high five, they were giving them bad looks like “really, again”.. ha ha ha just kidding, but it was getting old.  Great job to the team and the coaches for being prepared and playing on this high level.  Obviously, there are things they can work on, no team is perfect.  Enjoy all 25 goals in 4 minutes!  On to the next match!  Great job Mavs!  Also, if you want to see some of the pre-game photos click this link and enjoy!

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