Change Your Perspective

I love taking photos! this is one of my favorite parts of the marketing process in selling new homes.  I love taking something that is beautiful and making it easy for the world to see.  I am aware that the beauty is already there, but I add my perspective, and how I view it.  When shooting interior photos, you have to think “what is the greatest part about this room”?  Then what is the best focal length, how high off the floor, and what angle you shoot the room.  Change your perspective and make the shot!  Check out some of the popular photos form and learn from some of those professionals.

I shot this with my Sony A7rii and Sony Zeiss 16-35mm F4 lens with my manfrotto tripod.  I also shot the shots for each photo.  I used some exposure blending so I could increase the dynamic range.  I think it looks nicer when you blend the exposure for inside and out. You can use tools like Lightroom, or photomatix has a lightroom plugin tool.

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