Celebrating 19 years of marriage with my wife.  I took our old wedding video and did some new editing with new music.  I loved the song because its seems like we have come so far in life, like many of us.  We go through life and have our ups and downs but we should always remember where we have been and look forward to the future with our family and those we love around us.  I can’t remember who was taking the video, I think a bunch of different people but so glad it was captured!

My oldest boy! Love this kid! @jeremyerickson112 #sonyA7rii #sonygmaster

American Flag time-lapse using my #lumix #g85 and my #edelkrone slider music “full renegade”

It’s National Love Your Pet Day! #7pets our little Harley!

Raymond loves his sports performance class at Rock and Armor, and the crew down there is top notch.  Great people, great environment, and nice location (for us).  Check them out if you have a kid that needs a little extra push in their sporting activities to give them that extra edge over the competition.  Visit them online at http://www.rockandarmor.com or check them out on Facebook.

My middle @ray.m.erickson is a stud! Love you kid!

CBH wanted to have photos of their employees in Black and white, and they wanted to use natural lighting from a window creating contrast with the shadows and the light.  The entire idea is for the photos to not be perfectly exposed by create a contrasting look that gives a little depth and drama.  It can be a challenging task because you don’t want to over expose, and you don’t want to high of ISO so there isn’t to much grain.  The left side of the face should be a little darker and under exposed.  I used my Sony A7rii with Sony G master 85mm lens shot wide open at F1.4 to give it nice depth of field.  I also set up a black back drop.  I used a little bit of light on the left side of the face with a portable light.  I also used a Vello trigger and Manfrotto tripod to make sure I got good focus and no blur because of the slower shutter.  Fun assignment!  Thanks CBH!  Here is a link to their website on their team page to see the photos of the their team. Every 4-6 months I take new shots of the new employees coming.  https://cbhhomes.com/meet-the-team

The weather was so amazing on Friday!  I had to get out and create a video while the weather was so awesome!  Look, where did all the snow go! Amazing how fast it can go!  It has been such a hard winter!

Used my Sony A6500 with Sony 10-18mm f4 on Zhiyun Crane gimbal and my Sony A7rii with Sony Master 85mm f1.4 on my manfrotto tripod.  Edited the clips in Final Cut pro, and purchased a song on PremiumBeat.com.  Also, flew the drone around a tad, that is always fun!  Love this part of my job, I love getting out and playing with my toys!

Some clips from indoor lax practice shot at 120 fps and slowed down to 24 fps.



Little night hyper lapse on my way back from Pharmacy. Suction cupped my Sony RX100v to my sun roof and did night scene time lapse then started raining.. music: Full Thundershot